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Adventure Tours around Amila Dive Dive Resort. There is a lot to explore in Negros Occidental not only scuba diving. For example, the beautiful Mag Aso Falls near Kabankalan, good for a half day excursion with great waterfall. Mabinay Caving is one of the famous caves in the Philippines.
Adventure Tours

Danjugan Island

“We saved an island, now we invite you to explore it.” Danjugan Island is a marine reserve and wildlife sanctuary, 3 kilometers off the coast of Bulata, Cauayan, Negros Occidental, Philippines. The island is 1.5 kilometers long and 0.5 kilometers at its widest point, has 5 lagoons and is covered with limestone Forests providing asylum to many wildlife species that struggle to exist in the Mainland. What once used to be a threatened and over-fished area is now a protected sanctuary with a dazzling array of marine and terrestrial life. Today, the island serves as an outdoor classroom for students, a research area for conservationists, and a haven for tourists eager to experience nature at its purest. Danjugan Island is a project of The Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc. Danjugan’s five lagoons, numerous coral reefs, and vast limestone Forests provide asylum to many wildlife species.

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Danjugan IslandAdventure Tours,
Adventure Tours

Mag-Aso Falls

are located in the north of Bulata. From the city Kabankalan, we will drive up the to the mountains on the way to Dumaguete. This is one of our Adventure Tours you must go.

108 steps bring you down to the falls. From there you will not miss the 120 feet high waterfalls. Many people are still unknown of the beauty of that hidden walls. This walls are great and definitely be worth staying for a while. Mag-Aso falls are one of the beautiful places in Negros Occidental and is a must to visit them.
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Adventure Tours

Mabinay Caving

Panligawan Cave 143 meters long, a dome shaped cave with fossilized formations. It has a wide and flat ground ideal for in cave camping. The ceiling of the cave has a wide opening where daylight illuminates the entire cave.Pandanihan Cave 282 meters long, located about 100 meters from Panligawan cave. Wide entrance; virtually horizontal. At 80 meters from the entrance is an obstacle, called the Berlin wall which continues with a 20 meter width via a small corridor. Mambajo Cave 670 meter long, located more than 2 km northeast of Barangay Bulwang, there are 2 entrances, one is by rappelling at 30 meters and the 2nd is through a ladder. It has a subterranean river flowing towards the north and into a siphon which emerges to the other cave, the Mambajo 2 cave.
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Adventure Tours