Diving Rates

Scuba Diving Rates

Check out our Scuba Diving & Rental Equipment Rates at AmilA Dive Beach Resort.

Scuba Diving Rates

All our prices are per diver.
For certified diversEURPHP
1 Dive (incl. guide, tank, weight)311800
1 Shore dive in Pantanglan "MAD MAX"261600
5 Dives1458400
10 Dives28016300
15 Dives40523600
20 Dives52030000
Extra for night dive or
early morning dive
Boat Ride for non
divers (*)
(*) Depending on available space
on the boat
Please note the following. Package prices are non-transferable and non-refundable..
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Scuba Diving is a fantastic sport. Experience the beautiful reefs of Bulata with us.
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Rental Rates

Rental Rates/per dayEURPHP
FULL EQUIPMENT, regulator,
BCD, wet-suite, mask, snorkel, fins
Wet suite4230
Mask, snorkel, fins4230
Dive Computer5290
Rental equipment is per person and not transferable or refundable when booking.