Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions of Amila Dive Beach Resort.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



The guest/s agree to be personally responsible and liable for (a) all charges incurred during their stay in the event the person, company or association identified on the AMILA DIVE BEACH RESORT registration form, if any, fails to pay the full amount of such charges and (b) all damage or loss that the guest (or those staying with the guest/s may cause AMILA DIVE BEACH RESORT or its property including all damage or loss caused to items in the guestroom, and any extraordinary cleaning required that is above and beyond what is normal and customary for housekeeping. The guest further acknowledge and agree that the activities and services that AMILA DIVE BEACH RESORT and its staff may recommend from time to time during their stay may expose participants to dangers and risk and hereby agree to release AMILA DIVE BEACH RESORT and its owners and employees from any claim, action, damage or expense that may result from the guest/s participation or use of such activities and services, except to the extent that AMILA DIVE BEACH RESORT was willful or reckless in making its recommendation

Please read these Terms and Conditions • Resort Policies carefully.

Please read these Terms and Conditions • Resort Policies carefully. Use of this website is conditioned on the guest/s acceptance and the terms and conditions set out herein which www.amilaresort.com may vary, modify or change from time to time at its sole discretion with or without notice. When we do make changes, please note that we will revise the updated date at the bottom of this page. The usage of this website and our resort constitutes the guest/s express consent to all the Terms and Conditions • Resort Policies as stated.
Our website may contain links to third­-party websites or services that are not owned or controlled by AMILA DIVE BEACH RESORT and assumes no responsibility or liability to the content or practices of that website provides.
These Terms and Conditions • Resort Policies shall form part of the legally binding agreement between you and AMILA DIVE BEACH RESORT.

Terms and Conditions

You have complimentary parking, WIFI and resort fees

We offer complimentary parking to all guests. Due to limited wireless connection we can only offer Wi-Fi to our check-in guests.
AMILA DIVE BEACH RESORT is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or watercraft parked or moored on resort property.
For Day Guests: Entrance fee per person is PHP 750 consumable of Food and Drinks. Regular days Monday to Sunday from 9AM to 5PM.  Food and drinks outside of the resort is not allowed. Videoke is not allowed.

Guest(s) are not allowed to bring in the room the following items and/or engage in prohibited acts for their own safety and protection:

• Animals, livestock, dangerous weapons, contraband or illegal goods, flammable/explosive items, and items with offensive smell are not allowed inside the rooms. The resort reserves the right to refuse entry and accommodation to any guest caught violating our house rules.
• Bed sheet, pillows, duvet;
• Gambling, prostitution, pedophilia (including child abuse) or any other act in violation of Philippine Law;
• Any other item/s which, according to AMILA DIVE BEACH RESORT, may disrupt directly or indirectly our resort operation or interrupt other guests’ stay and/or are likely to endanger the persons or property in our facility.

Check in and out times

• Check-In time is 2:00 PM. Early Check-Ins are subject to room availability and prior notification is required.
• Check-Out time is 12:00 noon sharp following day. For checkouts before 12:00 noon, there will be no late fee. Late checkouts between 12 Noon and 2PM carry a fee of PHP 1000. For checkouts between 2PM and 4PM, the fee will be PHP 1500. For checkouts between 4PM and 6PM, the fee will be 50% of one night’s room rate inclusive of tax. Guests checking out after 6:00 PM will be charged one night’s room rate inclusive of tax.
If in any case, the guest/s are not present during their check out date and time and there is prior booking on the said check out date, the management will automatically remove all belongings found inside the room and store the same in the luggage room with corresponding charges without further notice to the guest/s.
The guest hereby waives any and all of his rights and claims as against AMILA DIVE BEACH RESORT or any of its officers, staffs and employees as a result of such removal and for any loss and/or damage to any and all belongings by reason of such removal.

The pool

Our swimming pool is seasonal. Availability of the pool may change without prior notice.
Shower thoroughly with soap and water before entering the
Appropriate swim attire is required.
A responsible adult must accompany children under the age of 14 at least 18 years of age. AMILA DIVE BEACH RESORT are not responsible for pool accidents or injuries. Parents or Guardians are responsible for their children’s. Do not swim them alone.

Right to refuse accommodation

We reserve the right to refuse accommodation/check-in or to terminate guest booking or stop any event immediately without any notice to the guest and without incurring any liability to the guest and without having to refund or compensate the guest for any charges paid under the following circumstances where:

The guest fail to have proper identification or fail to identify her/his self to the reasonable satisfaction of our staff or the guest/s fail to present upon our request the proper documents, passports and permits necessary for the guest/s’ stay as indicated herein;
At the time of check-in, the guest/s are required to bring the passports and/or identification cards of ALL staying guests.
The guest exhibited violent behavior or caused disturbance at our facility or have abused our staff or other guests whether physically or verbally;
The Government or other authorities prohibits the guest/s from checking in at our facilities for any reason;
In our judgment, the guest/s are not fit to stay in our facility due to drunkenness or the guest/s are under the influence of prohibited drugs or your medication has impaired the guest/s judgment, mobility or consciousness or the guest/s acts could compromise the safety and/or comfort of our staff and other guests; The guest/s are apparently afflicted with an infectious disease.
The booking of our Room(s) has been fraudulently or unlawfully done or has been purchased from a party not authorized by us;
The guest/s have acted in a manner contrary to Philippine Law or maintenance of public order.
Unaccompanied Minor Children below 18 years old will not be accepted unless with his or her parents or legitimate guardians.

Special Assistance Acceptance for carriage of incapacitated guests, guests with illness or other guests requiring special assistance is subject to arrangement with us at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled booking. Guests with disabilities who have advised us of any special requirements they may have at the time of booking shall be accepted for accommodation only upon our reasonable determination that we have the necessary facilities and the ability to meet their special requirements.

AMILA DIVE BEACH RESORT has a strict “No Pets policy”, with exceptions on a case-to-case basis. Service Animals are always welcome. They must be under control and on a leash/harness at all times. Service Animals may be attended to by companions, but employees of the Resort are not permitted to care for Service Animals. We appreciate advance notice for service animals staying on resort property. Emotional support/comfort animals are permitted with proof of certification that the pet is a service animal issued by a professional organization for certification and registration of service dogs for people with disabilities (PWD) must be presented before permitting the service animal to accompany the PWD inside the hotel. Fees may be applied to your account for damages caused by Service Animals and/or emotional support/comfort animals.


• The guest/s should keep the key room when inside the resort property and rooms locked at all times. When the guest/s check out of the hotel, the guest/s must surrender room key to the Front Office. Lost keys should be immediately reported to the Front Office Administrator. Replacement fee for lost key/s is Php 1000 (based on the actual costs associated with replacing the door knobs, key and key holder)
• Unlisted guests/visitors and companions will not be issued keys. Guests who misplaced or lost their keys shall be required to present valid IDs for verification and security reasons.
• The guest/s must not leave their belongings unattended in public areas of the resort.
• The hotel shall not be held liable for any loss of valuables and belongings. However, the hotel has a lost and found internal policy that conducts intensive investigations for incident reports of lost items. Found items may be claimed upon proper verification and identification of the same within a set period of time.
Found items may be claimed upon proper verification and identification of the same within the following periods:
• Perishable item/s –twenty-four (24) hours from the time the guest was notified;
• Non perishable item/s –sixty (60) days from the time the guest was notified;
• Valuable item/s–seven (7) days from the time the guest was notified.
• Failure to claim or retrieve the item/s within the specified period as stated above shall entitle the hotel to dispose / discard the same in accordance with its lost and found policy.
• Guests are advised not to leave their children 14 years of age and below unattended in the hotel room or other areas within the hotel premises. The resort shall not be held responsible for any untoward accidents that may occur due to negligence of parents or their guardians.
• Entrance fees are consumable of food and drinks. Appropriate swim attire is required. Walk-In guests are only allowed to stay from 9AM to 5PM. Children must be supervised at all times in the resort and especially if swimming or no swimming after 6PM.

Damages and losses

• All items in the room are accounted by the hotel’s housekeeping personnel. Thus, any and all damages to or loss of items and/or fixtures inside the rooms shall be charged directly to the registered guest. Furthermore, any damage to the hotel or its properties by the registered guest and/or their visitors shall likewise be charged accordingly.
• Linens, pillows, blankets, towels, lampshades, décors, electric kettle, glasses, and other room amenities are provided for your use during your stay. Do not take them away. Lost amenities/items will be charged to your account upon check-out.

Booking policy

• You are required to make a booking in writing by e-mail correspondence or via our secure booking platform.
• The Management will provide a written confirmation by email return.
• You are required to make a cancellation or amendment in writing by email.
• The Management will provide a written cancellation or amendment by return.
• Payment through bank deposit is only applicable for bookings done at least eight (8) calendar days before check-in date..

Cancellations and no-show policy

• 90 days before the arrival start 15 % of the total price plus administrative fees.
• 89 days till 35 days before the arrival start 25 % of the total price plus administrative fees.
• 34 days till 22 days before the arrival start 50 % of the total price plus administrative fees.
• 21 days till 15 days before the arrival start 70 % of the total price plus administrative fees.
• 14 days before the arrival and non-appearance/no-show 100% of the complete price.

Changes in booking

• Changes in booking details such as but not limited to change in name, date, type of room, number of rooms, number of nights, and add-ons are allowed provided that applicable charges are paid, and subject to the following regulations:

• All changes must be made 72 hours before 2:00 PM of the guest/s scheduled check-in date. The management must be informed of all changes you wish to make through email: mail@amilaresort.com.
Change Booking is applicable to all room rates subject to applicable fees:

• If amount paid by the guest is insufficient, additional payment will be made.
• If amount paid by the guest exceeds new booking, the balance will be refunded net of applicable charges.


• Rebooking should be done at least three (3) days prior to checking in, otherwise a 10% rebooking fee of the whole package shall be charged.
• Rebooking can only be done once (1) upon final confirmation. Rebooking is subject to the availability of the AMILA DIVE BEACH RESORT.

Billing arrangement and payment policy

• The booking invoice will be sent upon reservation; 50% deposit has to be settled before any confirmation of the bookings. No refund of the deposit. The full payment must be settled 3 days before the arrival.
• In the event that the fare has not been paid in full for any reason whatsoever 3 days prior the guest arrival, we reserve the right to cancel the booking prior to check-in and will be considered full payment on cash basis upon guest arrival.
• All payments to be made by cash or bank transfer to our account. Bank transfer payment is preferred however please note all foreign and local bank charges where applicable will be on sender’s account. Please see below details of our bank accounts.
• Full payment by cash is expected upon Check-In. Additional guarantee deposit of Php 1500 to cover incidental charges. Any unused deposit will be refunded upon check-out.
• For bookings of more than 7 nights, guests have to settle all outstanding payments on a weekly basis.
• All payments to be made by cash or bank transfer to our account. Bank transfer payment is preferred however please note all foreign and local bank charges where applicable will be on sender’s account.

Room rates

Our season period: low season: June 1st - October 31st high season: November 1st - May 31st.
• The room prices stated on our website are per room and night in real time. They include taxes and are payable in Philippine pesos.
• The room price depends on the time and duration of the booking and the number of rooms available during this period.

Extension of stay

All requests for extensions of stay must be advised at least 24 hours prior to guest expected departure time and date at the Front Office subject to room availability and payment of applicable charges. Real time and current room rates for the day shall be applicable to all extensions of stay.

Room Assignment

Rooms are good for two (2) people.
Limit of 1 child under 10 year old sharing with adults may use existing bed and 50% off the adult price for additional breakfast. For extra bed, additional PHP 1500 for extra rollaway bed is required with breakfast included.

Room capacity

Superior King Room2
King Garden Room2
King Birdview Room2


• Standard benefits inclusions: Daily breakfast.
• Each room is fully air-conditioned, Free Wi-Fi access, hot and cold shower, coffee and tea maker, toiletry kit, two (2) Litres bottled water.
• Coffee sachets and bottled drinking water are provided complimentary in the room once daily. Guests can purchase more from the Front Desk if required.
• The in-room electric kettle is for boiling water only. Please do not boil or cook other liquids or food in it.
• Room rate is inclusive of breakfast for two (2). Limit of 1 child under 10 year old sharing with adults may use existing bed and 50% off the adult price for additional breakfast. Extra Rollaway bed is PHP 1500 with pillows, linens and breakfast included.
• Breakfast is served daily from 7:00 AM until 10:00 AM. Dinner is available up to 8:00 PM. Guests are advised to order by 7:00 PM. Bar is available until 10:00 PM. Guests are advised to order by 9:00 PM.
• Extra beds, towels, sheets, or additional pillows shall be provided with corresponding fees.
• Avoid staining the bed linens, towels and pillowcases. There will be extra cleaning fees imposed to remove these stains.
• Bringing of food and drinks outside of the resort is not allowed. Cooking of any kind is not allowed in the rooms. Videoke is not allowed in the resort. There will be a PHP 1,500.00 cleaning fee should we find any signs of eating and or smoking inside the room. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave the resort.
• Daily cleaning of the room takes place between 8:00AM to 11:00 AM. If for any reason our housekeeping staff is unable to enter your room during the said time, then cleaning of the room will be done the following day.

General Conditions

• Both parties agree to each carry adequate liability and other insurance protecting itself against any claims arising from any activities conducted in the retreat during the period of accommodation. The performance of the agreement by either party is subject to acts of nature, war, government regulations, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, curtailment of transportation facilities, or any other emergency making it illegal or impossible to provide the facilities contracted.

Terms and Conditions Updated.

July 19, 2020